Status: undergraduate, graduate, faculty and staff
Types of ID cards: student ID card (smart card), faculty ID card (SC)

Status: faculty and staff who have not been issued UTokyo Account, professor emeritus
Types of ID cards: library card, card for professor emeritus

MyOPAC is the library on the Internet made for you.
This service is available for members with following ID cards : Student ID card, Faculty ID card, Library card, or Card for professor emeritus.
Registration with the libraries of UTokyo is required. (Please enable cookies in your Web browser settings.)

■How to Login
・UTokyo Account
Login with your UTokyo Account. Since April 2016, UTokyo Student Account and Common Administrative System Account
are integrated into UTokyo Account.
EMP and other members who have student/faculty ID cards without UTokyo Account should use Library Accounts for login.
・Library Account
Your user code is the last 10 digits of the number printed on the card.
Your department library issues an initial password for the account.
Any users who set a password for MyOPAC before 29/2/2016 can login with the password from Libaray Account.

■Login Help
*If you experience trouble logging in or forgot your password, refer UTokyo Account for support.
You will not be able to use MyOPAC, etc. until you change the password (re)issued at Help Desks/Service Counter
using the password interface on the website for the UTokyo Account.
If you are experiencing difficulty logging in while you can log in the other systems, please consult with your department library.
*For Library Account support, please consult with your department library. [Change Password -- Help]

■MyOPAC Service Outline
*Application for book reservation, delivery requests, copies, or PDF viewing through OPAC
*Borrowing books, checking reservation status, extending borrowed materials
*Checking lending/return history in the last year(after July 21, 2016)
*Displaying the holdings of your department library on the top of OPAC search results
*Making bookmarks for OPAC search results
*Making library purchase requests
*Registration or change of passwords and e-mail addresses